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Financial Assistance

At The Financial Exchange of Hampton, VA, we provide a valuable service to individuals and small businesses seeking financial guidance, tax preparation and more.

Index Annuity Retirement Accounts

This allows an individual to acquire lifetime income with guarantee of principal by participating in stock market linked growth with the safety of a minimum guaranteed return with no loss of principal.

Financial Planning

No matter your tax bracket, you can benefit from our financial planning services to help save for important life milestones such as retirement, children’s college, and saving for a home or vacation property.

Life Insurance

Do not leave a mess of debts and headaches to your survivors to go with the heartache of the loss of a loved one. Show them how much you love them by owing adequate life insurance to protect them from a financial disaster. With a wealth of experience in life insurance, we are able to offer a variety of options and answer all questions in a personalized manner. We can seek out reasonable rates and provide you with the level of protection needed to sustain your loved ones after you’re gone.

Cash Flow Analysis & Debt management 

The first step in financial management is to live within your earned income. One should live on less than what you earn. A cash flow margin is necessary to insure that you can afford to purchase life insurance, build a contingency saving fund, and investment for retirement income.  We can assist you in making this happen.

Tax Preparation

More people today feel comfortable with doing their own taxes using online software and more and more people are doing them incorrectly or leaving money on the table. Filing your own taxes can be stressful and time-consuming, especially with the ever-changing tax laws. We invite you to put our 36 years of experience in preparing taxes to work for you. At The Financial Exchange, we will always keep your best interests in mind. We are current on all the latest tax codes so we are always able to work toward the goals of maximizing your refund or minimizing your obligation. We specialize in the preparation of tax returns for individuals, networking/home businesses, and Limited Liability Companies.

Other Financial Services Available

Disability Income Insurance

Financial Planning Zoom workshops

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